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DVD Nanaimo Through the Eyes....of a Local Artist 
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Romaine Windley

Romaine Windley Picture Email Address: [email protected]


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Romaine has been exploring her passion for art, part time for decades, and fulltime since 2009. From 1981 until 2009 she was an elementary school teacher in Nanaimo, "Mrs. Dorman." Her love for learning about cultures and diversity made the few years she spent as an E.S.L. teacher especially meaningful. "Children of the World," was her first of numerous Art Series. Exploring various mediums such as watercolors, acrylics, oils, and photography is what fills Romaine's days, now that she has given up her teaching career. She is excited to have time to market her art and get more involved in the local art community. Her Facebook Group "Art by Romaine Windley Dorman" features many pictures of her paintings, and some photography.

Ro's Gallery:

While Ads for Ro's Gallery still exist, it has evolved from an actual Gallery in North Nanaimo, to a virtual Gallery online, in other words, this website. People are encouraged to browse the various studios here on this website. If you see something that you would like to view in person, simply email Romaine and she will let you know if it is still available, and or where in Nanaimo it is hanging for your viewing, as her Art is now in various locations.

 Romaine has entered two Juried Art Shows, both with the Nanaimo Arts Council Gallery in Nanaimo. She was very proud to receive awards for both entries. The first was for her large pastel "Panamanian Pals" and the second was for her watercolor "Chinook."
Art Hanging "Out and About":


 Romaine had a program called "Out and About" whereby she would hang a painting in your place of work and when it would sell, you would get to donate 40% to a charity of your choice. Art by Romaine has been hanging paintings and prints "Out and About" in Nanaimo since 1993 when she was an E.S.L. teacher and wanted to promote multicultural respect in the school system. She worked on a series of 14 pastels titled, "Children of the World." Many prints from this series now hang in almost every school in Nanaimo, the hospital, doctors' offices, businesses, and the Child Development Center. In 1997, 12 of these pastels were published in a Calendar titled "Children of the World." Nanaimo Businesses sponsored the cost of the printing and 7000 calendars were donated to World Vision to sell all over B.C.

Instruction and Workshops:

My mentor was my father Valmont Pelletier. He painted, I watched. I remember as a little girl watching him create beautiful oil paintings. When he would walk backwards from the easel, I would shadow him, and feel awfully valuable when he would ask for my input. He also did some beautiful pastels of Children in Third World countries, little gorgeous faces with hope. Our parents taught us five siblings about the suffering of the world. We were encouraged to help others. When our allowance was 10 cents a week, we were encouraged to plunk the dime into a jar for those less fortunate. It gives me great pleasure to be able to give to others in need. I love to support World Vision as well as other wonderful organizations and societies. Now back to the topic, other than watching my dad paint, I took a few Art courses at UVic as part of my degree in Education. I also took a series of watercolor classes from Wendy Robson in the mid 90's. Having said all of this, I like to think of myself as "self taught." I love to check out what other artists are up to, both current and passed, explore mediums and techniques, and develop art that I hope is unique to me.

Contact Information:
 1-Email: [email protected] 2-Facebook: Art by Romaine Windley Dorman 3-Phone: 250-758-2158

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